Grammar in Context: Using Grammar to Improve Students’ Writing Outcomes (20 License, Single School)


This course is designed for both primary/elementary and secondary/high school teachers who want to increase their knowledge of the ‘grammar in context’ approach to grammar teaching. The course is divided into six modules that aim to:

  1. Sensitise teachers to the language features of real texts and genres.
  2. Help teachers understand the purpose of genre-based language features and authorial choices.
  3. Develop teachers understanding of grammar and meaning.
  4. Equip teachers to teach students how their grammatical choices help them to communicate effectively and creatively in different genres and contexts.
  5. Model to teachers how they can help students recognise the grammar/language choices of authors and apply this knowledge effectively and creatively in their own writing.

The facilitator of this course is Dr Navid Sabet (BA, PhD), who has a research and teaching background in education, grammar and literacy studies.



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