Introduction (V1B)

Getting started
• Click the play button below to watch the introduction video (bottom of page).

Moving through the course
• Click ‘mark as complete’ after each topic, activity or video to move on.
• When you reach the end of a lesson (e.g. Verbs, Determiners, Conjunctions) you need to click ‘mark as complete’ twice to move on.

Note-taking application
• You can print and/or export your notes from each section as a Word document.
• To view all your notes, click ‘view all notes’.

The timer
• Each lesson has a timer to prevent skipping ahead. This ensures that the course maintains quality and accreditation standards.

• If you experience any issues regarding course access and/or navigation, please contact us through our technical support page. You can access this page by navigating to our main site and clicking the red button at the bottom of the page.

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