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Welcome to our School Licence Management Platform, where you can enrol your teachers and monitor their progress.

Please follow the enrolment guide below to get started (click on the tabs to expand).

Enrolment Guide

How do I enrol single users?

How do I enrol multiple users?

How do I enrol users using a CSV file?

How do I add group leaders?

How do I monitor teachers’ progress?

Frequently asked questions


How will teachers know how to access the course?
It’s very straightforward. Login details will be sent to each user you enrol. Remind them to check their promotions/social/spam folders if they do not receive their login details.

What are group leaders?
Group leaders add teachers to the school licence. An initial group leader account was made for the person who purchased this school licence. However, you can add additional group leaders where required (for example, if a principal wanted to delegate course administration to a deputy principal, they would need to add them as a group leader). All group leaders are enrolled in the course (and count towards the enrolment limit) except the initial group leader.

Do I need to set a password for each user?
No, you don’t. If you leave this field blank, users will be prompted to set their own passwords.

I’m enrolling multiple users at once. Do I need to provide names for each user?
No, you don’t. As long as you enter a valid email address for each teacher, they will be able to access and complete the course. However, we recommend entering their full names to ensure they can download a personalised certificate of completion.

I have reached the limit for my school licence. Can I add additional teachers?
Yes, of course! Please contact us if you would like to add additional enrolments. Note that the ‘Add seats’ button is for purchasing additional enrolment packages in the same quantity as your original school licence (e.g. adding 10 additional enrolments to a 10 teacher school licence, totalling 20 enrolments). If you require additional enrolments in more specific units, please contact us so that we can ensure a straightforward and cost-effective solution.


Our school needs a custom PD (online/F2F) and/or specialised resources and assistance. Can you provide this?
Absolutely! We understand that every school is different, and our team is skilled and experienced in supporting schools achieve their unique literacy goals. Please call us on 0430 001 659 or email us to discuss your needs.


Do we need to notify you when teachers complete the course to receive TQI/NESA hours?
No, you don’t. We monitor all course completions and promptly register them with TQI and NESA (where relevant).


How do I get in touch with technical support?
You can contact technical support via email. You can also call 0430 001 659 during business hours to talk to Dr Navid Sabet, our co-director who handles technical support directly. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

You do not have permission to manage groups.

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